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The Defenders of Bataan

relates the discussion between the devil and St. Peter regarding the soldiers of Bataan and how nothing could crush their spirit.

The Defenders Of Bataan

When the Gates of Hell are open well
And the devil does all he can,
There sit those souls upon the coals,
The Defenders of Bataan.

Then the devil goes high into the sky
To interview Saint Pete,
He’s full of charm in his uniform;
His horns are all shiny and neat.

“Saint Pete,” says he, “How can it be?
Those souls have called my bluff.
I’ve turned the heat up to its peak,
But they are much too tough.

“They won’t brown or even frown,
Nor ask for the water can.
What can I do with such a crew
The Defenders of Bataan?”

“I surmise,” says Pete, while looking wise,
“Those souls have called your bluff.
You’ve turned the heat up to its peak
But they are much too tough.

“It’s plain to see you must give to me
Their keeping at this point,
For they fought well while in that Hell
And now deserve this joint.”


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